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The Worst Cars Ever Sold

9,48 €

The Worst Cars Ever 

Giles Chapman

Editions Sutton


Parution 09/2017

Langue Anglais 






The Worst Cars Ever 

They don't make 'bad' cars any more, right? Well, maybe not, but there have been some real clunkers in years gone by, and this is the first book to celebrate them in all their awful glory. In this new edition, Giles Chapman presents to you "The Worst Cars Ever Sold", containing hundreds of rare pictures of these unreliable, rusty, hideous-looking and just plain mad machines, and thousands of fascinating and entertaining facts about them - some will surprise you, others you'll be all too familiar with. This book will take you back in time to when the family jalopy never failed to let you down, or that banger you bought from the local paper revealed its true character the moment you drove it - behold the worst cars ever sold and enjoy!


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