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Full high quality color edition 

bound, jacket. 

264 pages. 

ISBN 978-2-9553774-0-6 / 9782955377413

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Porsche the essentials
Arnaud Sene
Cote Auto Classic

English Edition
Limited edition : 5000 copies individually numbered from 0001 to 5000

PORSCHE the Essentials covers the 1950/1998 period, from the first 356 to the 993, last air cooled model. Each model is treated with precision in order to give the reader the main elements to help him choose, identify and authenticate every version. All the chassis VIN sequences, engine numbers, production data and technical characteristics are detailed for all models and all versions.

Photos for every member of the PORSCHE family. A great number of high quality, all new photos have been chosen to illustrate the book. General views, important details, photos of the chassis cold stampings, engine number and Vin plates are present to enable and guide the reader in the identification or the choice of his PORSCHE.

French Press review (Extracts) :

« Might as well say it loud and clear : if I were to keep just one Porsche book, this last one by Arnaud Séné, « Porsche the Essentials » would certainly be on top of the list. » 9legends

« Useful for any « Classic » enthusiast wanting to have a global vision of the history and the evolution of the air cooled rear engined models of the make and indispensable to the serious enthusiast to perfectly authenticate a vehicle. In other terms : essential » Porsche Club RS de France

« Real tool, "Porsche. The Essentials" will find its place in the briefcase of the knowledgeable enthusiast on the warpath leading to a promising used jewel. Don’t miss it. » Challenges

« Another book on Porsche ? Except that this one answers at least 911 questions that the others barely skim through… » L’Automobile

264 pages of essential information

As always now, Arnaud Séné, with his 30 years of experience, after having scrutinized and valued more than 2.800 PORSCHE with a real passion for automobiles, has taken particular care in gathering, choosing and checking thousands of data on all PORSCHE, from the 356 (Pre A, A,B,C et Carrera) to the “classic” 911, 914, 912, RS, 959, Turbo, SC, 3,2L, 964, 993…

Arnaud Séné, expert in collectable cars and motorcycles since 1985 is also the author of the COTE SENE, a french reference in car values.
An indispensable tool to make the right and safe choice with pleasure and serenity and to avoid costly mistakes when buying a PORSCHE.

Full high quality color edition 
bound, jacket. 
264 pages. 
ISBN 978-2-9553774-0-6 
Price : 129 €


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