How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines 9781934709870
How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines 9781934709870

How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines

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How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines

Livre / Workshop en Anglais de Jefferson Bryant

Skylarks, GSXs, Grand Nationals, Rivieras, Gran Sports; the list of formidable performance Buicks is impressive. 

From the torque monsters of the 1960s to the high-flying Turbo models of the '80s, Buicks have a unique place in performance history.

Pages : 144

Size : 8.5 X 11 (inches)

Format : Paperback / softback

Illustrations : 324 b/w

Publisher : CarTech

ISBN : 9781934709870


How to Build Max-Performance

Buick Engines

Chapter 1: Blocks 


Small-Block 350 

Big Blocks

V-6 Turbo 

Main Bearing Cap Studs


Chapter 2: Pistons, Rods and Cranks 


Main Seals

Connecting Rods 

Rod Bolts 


Piston Pins 



Chapter 3: Oiling System Upgrades 

Disassembly and Modification

Crankshaft Mods 

Close Bearing Tolerances 

Oil Pumps 

Rear Oil Pressure Gauge Installation 

Oil Pans

Motor Oil Considerations


Chapter 4: Cams and Timing Covers

Cam Bearing Options 

Oiling System Upgrades

Timing Cover Options

Oil Pump Booster Plate 

Cam Thrust Control 

Distributor Gear Oiling 

Front Main Seal

Lifter Bore Reinforcement


Chapter 5: Cylinder Heads 

Gasket Port Matching

Blending the Bowls 

Exhaust Porting

Valve Sizing

Valve Jobs 

Combustion Chamber Polishing 

Heat Crossover Vent Modification 

Flow Testing 

High-Performance Head Parts 

Big-Block Heads

Big-Block Head Porting

Nailhead Cylinder Heads 

Aftermarket Head Options


Chapter 6: Valvetrain

Rocker Arms 

Pushrods and Lifters



Timing Chain 

Retainers, Keepers and Springs


Chapter 7: Ignition and Fuel Systems 


V-6 Turbo 

Electronic Timing Boxes 

Fuel Systems 

Engine Cooling


Chapter 8: Intake, Carbs and Exhaust


Intake Manifolds 

Sheet Metal Intake Fabrication

Headers, Manifolds and Exhaust Systems


Chapter 9: Race Engines

Block Preparation 

Rotating Assembly 




Oiling System 

Factory Racer Kits 


Chapter 10: V-6 Turbo 

Turbo System Porting 

Turbo Replacement 


Downpipes and Wastegates 


Fuel Pump



Appendix A: Source Guide

Appendix B: 1953-1955 Nailhead Engine Specifications 

Appendix C: 1953-1971 Engine Specifications

Appendix D: 1987 3.8L V-6 Turbo Engine Specification

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